How to Reduce Exam Stress During Preparation in 5 Simple Ways

How to Reduce Exam Stress During Preparation in 5 Simple Ways:

Exams are dreaded by most students and the two terms ‘stress and exams’ go hand in hand.  Even the aspirants who have prepared well for the exam panic during the exams.  Exams like TNPSC, UPSC, and some other competitive exams are the toughest to crack because of the exam stress. 

5 Tips to How to Overcome Exam Stress:

Set Realistic Goals and Proper Time Management:- Setting realistic goals is listed among the vital tips to reduce stress during exams. You have to begin with it by planning for several days, weeks, or hours prior to your exam. 

Maintain a Healthy Routine:

During the preparation time for tough competitive exams, students tend to ignore their mental and physical well-being.  Students should follow these tips to reduce stress during exams so that prepare well for the exam without getting exhausted or nervous. 

Get Online Guidance and Watch Videos:

In recent days, digital technology has allowed us to study easily via online. You can opt for the best online coaching centers based on your exams as it can help you to have a balance over time and dedicate your time to self-study. 

Don’t Cram or Skip Short Breaks:

This is one of the most important tips to reduce stress during exams. You should not do cramming especially if you are preparing for prestigious exams like IAS, IPS, etc. 

Believe in Yourself and Don’t Focus on Perfection:

Lack of confidence and the race to become perfect should also be avoided while considering the best tips to reduce stress during exams. Always keep in mind, that ‘Perfect closes the door’. 


To conclude, be prepared to reduce exam stress because it can worsen your preparation.  The best thing is to follow the above-mentioned tips to reduce stress during exams, live in the moment, and prepare with dedication and the rest will fall in place.

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