How to prepare for TNPSC exams

TNPSC Group Exam

TNPSC Group Exams are one of Tamil Nadu’s most prestigious exams which are extremely competitive and passing this requires a detailed study on how to prepare for TNPSC exams.  The secret to ace the exam is to start studying as soon as possible.



Preparation Tips for TNPSC Exam

* Understand the exam pattern and     syllabus * Analyse previous years’ question     paper * Make a timetable *Refer online resources and    competitive book * Revision is key * Maintain a time management * Avoid distraction * Discuss with the peer * Take full length mock test



Understanding exam pattern and syllabus

The common mistake students usually make is that without understanding the exam pattern and syllabus they start their preparations.   It is a must to know the syllabus to connect whatever the students are listening or reading to the syllabus’s contents.  


Analysing previous years’ question paper

Analysing the previous years’ question papers can help the candidates to determine the difficulty level of questions, and understand topic-wise and section-wise distribution of questions.  It can allocate the time accordingly for utilizing it in the exam for each section.



Making a standard timetable 

A candidate should examine the TNPSC exam syllabus as it can help in reaching the overall aim of covering the course.  Divide the syllabus into parts while making the TNPSC study plan based on the available time to prepare.



Referring resources, and book

Generally, the exam syllabus will provide a general sense regarding the types of resources and study material that is required for the TNPSC preparation.   Try to keep the sources to a minimum and just use the best ones.



Revision is the key 

The entire study effort will go useless without any efficient and proper revision strategy.  Make a TNPSC study plan which is easier to recall earlier in the examination and remain stress free for TNPSC exams by studying everyday along with weekly and monthly revisions.



Having a proper time management

The ability to manage your time is vital to pass any government exam.  Increase the speed in answering the questions in a short span of time.    Adopt learning methodologies by learning shortcuts and formulas along with methods to tackle questions at ease. 



Avoid distractions Vs Make discussion

Avoid distractions which can devote more than 80% of the concentration for the extensive exam preparation.  Overlook something crucial by talking to the peers and share ideas, insights and preparation tips to get guidance in detail on how to prepare for TNPSC exams.



Taking full length  mock test

Give mock tests to solve problems in a timed environment.  This will help in comparing the students with the other aspirants.  Analyse the mocks after attempting them to understand the weaker and stronger areas and enhance knowledge with respect to different questions.



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