Everything You Should Know about the UPSC Interview Panel 

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The UPSC has come up with the tentative dates for the IAS personality test which is scheduled to be conducted from 30th January 2023 to 10th March 2023.

About UPSC Interview and Personality Test:

Taking up a UPSC interview can be quite challenging for the IAS aspirants. 

Determine how knowledgeable the candidate is. 

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Understand the aspirant’s personality traits:


The personality test will assess the personality of an aspirant and analyses whether they will be a competent administrator.

Candidates have to attend mock interviews conducted by the UPSC because candidates are rated by the members of the UPSC interview panel for qualities.

Reasoning ability.

Clarity of expression. 

Grasping ability in narration or an argument.







UPSC interview panel for qualities like: 

Importance of UPSC Interview & Details About the Interview Panel:

Prepare strenuously to ace the UPSC exam as the interview is the gateway to civil services.

Out of the total 2025 marks, 275 marks is only for the interview. 

Prepare strenuously to ace the UPSC exam as the interview is the gateway to civil services. 

Details about the Panellists:

Chairman Dr. Manoj Soni – He is a scholar in Political Science and specialises in International Relations.

The UPSC interview panel comprises four members including a chairperson.

How many board members are in the UPSC interview panel? 

What are the main questions asked in an interview of UPSC? 

situational questions along with some tricky and challenging questions for which you have to give your honest and brilliant answers.

What are the highest marks in the UPSC interview till now?

 Dr. Apala Mishra has set a record by scoring 215 marks in the UPSC IAS interview round 2020.

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