Avoid These Common Mistakes in UPSC prelims preparation

Avoid These Common Mistakes in UPSC Prelims Preparation:

A small mistake may not fulfil the dream of an aspirant of becoming an IAS officer.  As everyone knows the UPSC exam, is way too difficult, there is no doubt that all the students who aspire to become an IAS or IPS, start the rigorous preparation right from the UPSC prelims preparation.

Things to Avoid in UPSC Prelims Preparation:

If we look into the statistics of the UPSC exam, we get to know that every year 4-5 lakhs of aspirants appear for the UPSC preliminary examination but hardly only about 11000 students clear it.  The question arises of what mistakes they may have done at the time of preparation. 

Preparing Without Time Table:

To crack the UPSC prelim exams, preparing a timetable is very important. Experts suggest preparing a proper and detailed timetable.

Not Taking Mock Tests:

One of the most common mistakes students make is taking a mock test for granted. No matter how many books they have read and how well they do in the UPSC exam, taking mock tests will help them find their strengths and weaknesses. 

Not Studying from Previous Years’ Exams:

To understand the pattern, idea, and trend of the examination paper, it is mandatory to read and solve question papers from previous years’ question papers with an expert guide. 

Sitting for Long Hours to Study:

It is the biggest myth about the UPSC prelims preparation that studying for about 15 hours is compulsory.  Each and every individual’s physical and mental stamina levels are different.

Focussing on Reading & Ignoring Writing:

Most of the students only focus on reading and believe that writing would be a waste of time.  In subjective exams like UPSC mains, this mindset can be problematic. Writing is equally important and also it deserves time to practice. 


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