UPSC Prelims Exam 2023

TopicSubject Summary 
41.  Dhanyakataka-Buddhist centre whereANCH ANCH6
42.  StupaANCH CA28
43.  Korkai, poompuhar, musiriANCH ENV8
44.  Vattakiruthal in sangam poemANCH ECON15
82.  religious site and well known for ANCH IG5
47.  SoulsANCH WG9
51.  Janani Suraksha Yojana CA MEDH4
52.  anaemia mukt Bharat strategy CA MODH3
57.  country’s own satellite navigation system CA POL13
58.  ballistic missile and cruise missiles CA ST9
59.  mercury pollution causes CA  100
60.  green hydrogen usage CA   
61.  land border with UkraineCA   
76.  World Water Development Report CA   
77.  prevention of terrorist act 2002 CA   
78.  Very severe famine in the world. CA   
79.  Nagoya protocol CA   
86.  gold reserves -switzerlandCA   
87.  trade and Technology Council USA and European Union CA   
88.  percentage global exports of goods CA   
89.  European Union Stability and Growth Pact CA   
90.  Global Compact for safe orderly and regular migration CA   
91.  home guards act,CA   
93.  Region and reasons for being in news CA   
94.  Israel and Arab States CA   
95.  Sports AwardsCA   
96.  44th Chess Olympiad CA   
97.  area of conflict and country in news CA   
98.  Guinea, Chad, Mali, Sudan in news whyCA   
99.   green hydrogen. CA   
100.                   G20CA   
83.  national handloom day CA   
10.   India’s project on connectivity CA   
12.  MarsupialsCA   
21.  Interest income from the deposits in infrastructure, investment, trustECON   
22.  interest ratesECON   
23.   carbon markets ECON   
24.  capital markets ECON   
25.  the MSP for niger seed oil ECON   
26.  sterilisation, RBIECON   
27.  small farmer large field ECON   
28.  intangible investments ECON   
29.  horizontal tax devolution ECON   
30.  sustainable investments in infrastructure and innovation,S3iECON   
71.  MSME definition ECON   
72.  digital currency ECON   
73.  beta meaning in finance ECON   
74.  Self help groupECON   
75.   healthcare systemECON   
13.  invasive species specialist groupENV   
14.  most active after sunset, FaunaENV   
15.  Waggle dance ENV   
16.  mushrooms ENV   
17.  Indian squirrels ENV   
18.  micro organism ENV   
19.  Animal which makes a tool with a stick to scrape insects from a hole in a treeENV   
66.  coal based thermal power plant ENV   
1.     Jhelum, Krishna, Gandhak River related questionsIG   
2.     Port related questions, kamaraja, mudhra, visakapatnamIG   
6.     ilmenite and rutile source minerals IG   
9.     Amarkantak /Biligirangan/Seshachalam hillsIG   
11.  uranium deposits IG   
45.  8th century kingdom-kakathiya, yadhava, hoysala, gahadavalaMEDH   
46.   Literally work and author authorMEDH   
48.  Tungabadhra Dam by whomMEDH   
49.  Diu to Portuguese by whomMEDH   
50.  Governor General of Bengal to Governor General of India Act MODH   
81.  foreign personalities associated with Indian history MODH   
92.  Official Secrets Act 1923. Indian Evidence Act 1872. The Arms Act 2019.MODH   
31.  due process of law POL   
32.  prisons state list POL   
33.  Chief purpose of the Constitution. POL   
34.  Constitutional amendments, fundamental rights.POL   
35.  Constitutional bodies. POL   
36.  election of the president POL   
37.  Finance bill and money Bill POL   
38.  community reserve area, POL   
39.  scheduled areas. POL   
40.  Article 335. POL   
80.  president election POL   
84.  flag code of India POL   
85.  Constitution Day POL   
20.  HydrofluorocarbonsST   
53.  carbon fibresST   
54.  Accelerometer ST   
55.  bio fillers ST   
56.  object in space and description ST   
67.  Wolbachia method ST   
68.  Carbon captureST   
69.  aerial meta genomics ST   
70.  micro satellite DNA ST   
3.     Deciduous tree – Jack/Teak/MahuaWG   
4.     India China comparison WG   
5.     marshland WG   
7.     cobalt in which country WG   
8.     Congo Basin is a part of WG   
62.  Earth’s atmosphere infra red raysWG   
63.  the soil in tropical rainforestWG   
64.  temperature contrast between continents and oceans WG   
65.  P waves and S waves SeismographWG