A Complete Guide to UPSC Preparation

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The UPSC Civil Services Exam commonly termed the IAS exam is the most awaited and coveted exam in our country and is a prestigious and challenging exam compared to the other national examinations. 

Each year millions of candidates prepare rigorously for the UPSC exam preparation. The value proposition and the power that a candidate holds after clearing this exam is unparalleled because it holds greater prominence over other government duties.

If you are an aspirant from Chennai who wants to achieve your dream goal in the civil services examination, then choose the Best UPSC Coaching Center in Chennai like the Kingmakers IAS Academy to get comprehensive coaching and ace your desired results at ease.

Exam Structure of UPSC

While a candidate has joined a coaching center for the UPSC exam preparation, he/she must be sure of the exam structure because the UPSC exam consists of 3 levels.

  1. Prelims – The UPSC Preliminary examination is a screening test that consists of two objective type papers where Paper I is General Studies and Paper 2 is Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) and each paper is 200 marks.
  2. Mains – The UPSC Mains examination is a written and descriptive paper consisting of 9 papers with a total of 2000 marks.
  3. Interview – After clearing the main examination, the candidate has to move to the last phase which is the personality test.  Here the candidate has to do a tremendous UPSC exam preparation because an aspirant will be interviewed by a panel of experts hailing from various subject matters. This phase alone carries 275 marks.

How to Start Preparing for UPSC?

Understand the Syllabus – For a good UPSC exam preparation, a candidate should have a proper understanding of the scope, clarity, and nature of the syllabus as it of paramount importance. Even the best coaching center in Chennai will make you understand the syllabus first because it is the key where most of the questions asked in the UPSC exam are within the syllabus.

Choose the Study Material – You need proper guidance from the experts at the coaching center to help you select the study material so that you can have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals first. You can use the best material like the NCERT books, especially from classes 6 -12.

Focus on Current Affairs – It is essential to develop a strategy by focusing on current affairs besides updating the news from the national newspaper, and specialized magazines, and while reading makes sure to add the latest developments to each and every topic in your syllabus.

Ultimate Guide to UPSC Preparation

UPSC Exam preparation | Kingmakers IAS Academy

Making Notes for UPSC 

  • First, read the textbooks and when you read them the second time, underline the important points and highlight the sentences to understand and keep the important points in mind. 
  • Note down the points in bullet form where it should be brief and easy to refer it during revision. 
  • Make template answers where you can easily recollect points and write your answers promptly even at the time of UPSC exam preparation.

Cracking UPSC on First Attempt

  • To crack the UPSC on the first attempt, start from the basic books and then refer to the NCERT books. Focus on difficult topics and make concise notes.
  • Choose optional subjects wisely. For this, you can discuss with your faculty and senior students from the best UPSC coaching center in Chennai to get a better idea.
  • Take writing practice daily because the overall outcome is decided by writing.
  • Keep practicing and assess yourself by taking frequent mock tests. 
  • Solve previous test question papers, so that you will get an idea of how to approach the questions and how you will be able to handle the vast syllabus during the UPSC exam preparation.

How to Prepare History for UPSC?

While studying history, never be in a hurry to skip topics. Go systematically and strengthen your basics.

  • Focus on important topics by concentrating on historical events along with the reason behind the incident instead of focusing on place and period.
  • To learn the important dates, timelines, and names of the history subject during the UPSC exam preparation, make notes then and there to recall them easily.
  • Make brief notes for lengthier answers and try to focus more on important topics so that you can be confident about your answers.

How to Study Geography for UPSC?

1. Start your UPSC exam preparation with the geography subject by getting your foundations strong with NCERT Geography books.

2. Ensure to be thorough with the map as it can be your guiding light. Have a thorough understanding of the locations, cities, rivers, lakes, peaks, and passes along with the physical features.

 How to Prepare Economics for UPSC?

1. Before you get to prepare for the best UPSC coaching center in Chennai, know the depth and extent of your syllabus.

2. Stick to relevant sources and make a crisp and concise summary of what you are learning.

3. Since the subject is dynamic, focus on current affairs with the latest schemes of the government along with the policy updates.

4. Besides that, practice and revise as it has immense importance to boost your scores.

How to Write an Essay for UPSC?

1. The best way to start with an essay is to write down a fictional event that is relatable and that you have found interesting. 

2. Make it a habit by reading magazines such as Yojana, economic and political weekly, etc. Brush up your GS content every day as well.

3. Do not stick more to complex words, make the writing simple with a good vocabulary at the time of UPSC exam preparation.

4. Give a conclusion with an optimistic note of 3 – 4 lines and don’t forget to write your vision for the future as well.


Thus, when it comes to clearing the UPSC exam is not that easy but not impossible. Aspirants have to devote their entire time and dedication to the UPSC exam preparation. They should diligently follow the strategy from the best UPSC coaching center in Chennai like the Kingmakers IAS Academy as it can help them achieve their goals by making the preparation dynamic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the UPSC exam to recruit higher-level class 1 officers for the posts like IAS, IPS, IPS, and other allied services of the country. To crack the exam with good scores, an aspirant has to opt for a UPSC coaching center to do well in the UPSC civil services exam.



1. Consider your interests and academic background.

2. Check if your coaching center provides the coaching for the subjects or not.

3. Find if the optional subject is connected with GS before the UPSC exam preparation.


1. Read your detailed application form a multiple time.

2. Prepare for current affairs in a concise and crisp way.

3. Have a clear-cut preparation to answer situational questions.

4. Be thorough with the graduation subject and optional.