Time Management Tips for UPSC Exam Preparation

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UPSC Exam is one of the toughest and prestigious competitive examinations conducted in India through which you can secure a top-rank position in the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, and others. As an IAS or IPS officer, you can actively participate in the proceedings or workings of the government to bring about a change in the country.

There are many aspirants who appear for this examination from across the country but only a few qualify in it. Now, what makes them stand alone? Well, it is because of their time management technique that sets them apart from the others. The qualifying candidates don’t do anything but follow a timetable or prepare for the exam using the strategies and tips for the UPSC exam to help them score better

Time Management Tips for UPSC Preparation

Before opting for an IAS Coaching Center in Chennai, relax your mind and body to get prepared for the examination that you will write. When you have decided to appear for the UPSC exam, you can follow the proven strategies and tips for UPSC preparation to score the highest marks.

Create a Realistic Timetable

Making a realistic timetable is one of the vital tips for UPSC preparation. Most of the candidates think that following a strict timetable works the best but the reality is totally different as it is very difficult to continue with it in the long run. 

Hence, opt for an IAS coaching institute in Chennai to fix a goal and try to manage time, as this will give you the flexibility to manage your time in a convenient way as time passes by. Also, the candidates should be extremely committed to achieve their target irrespective of any hurdles that may come their way.

Make Practical, Short and Accomplishable Targets

Many candidates make tough targets for a short time period of time which is an incorrect approach. Instead, opt to follow the tips for UPSC preparation by focussing on the topics properly and understand them deeply. 

This can be the correct approach rather than attempting to learn things in a limited time. Make short realistic targets, to finish them on time and complete the syllabus of relevant and vast topics from different subjects thoroughly.

Make Plans by Division and Study

You should learn to follow the strategies and tips for UPSC preparation by dividing the larger topics into subtopics. Try to complete them so that you can finish fast and keep down the tough topics that take a lot of time. 

This method will also be recommended by the best IAS coaching center in Chennai to make your learning easy and to cover the topics within the allotted study time. You should always begin with the topics which are easy to understand and then start moving towards the tougher ones.

Organize a Study Time

It is a well-known fact that the UPSC Syllabus is very vast and an individual needs to organise time well. It can be very difficult to complete the syllabus in a limited period of time, but if one follows the right strategies and tips for UPSC preparation, the majority of the portion can easily be covered. Several IAS aspirants fail because of the time crunch and the main reason behind it is the poor organization of study time. 

So, approach the best IAS coaching academy in Chennai as they will guide you through how to divide your syllabus to conquer it. As suggested earlier, set realistic goals for your preparation time and make sure that you are ready to face the challenge that you have set for yourself. 

Do Not Stick to a Topic for Hours

You should always remember the fact that while following the tips for UPSC preparation, do not stick to a topic for a very long time because it may cause boredom. The other reason is that you will not be able to manage the studies of different subjects with vast topics properly. 

To avoid such instances, it is important to know when to give up and look for another topic and for the pending topics again with the right guidance.

Take a Break

The best IAS coaching center in Chennai always suggests the candidates to follow the strategies and tips for UPSC preparation especially that requires long hours of study. One should be able to take small breaks whenever the efficiency gets reduced. This method can rejuvenate your mind and make it ready to grasp more. 

Study time doesn’t mean that you ought to compromise on your health regime, so make sure to take a small break and maintain a healthy balance in the lifestyle but at the same time ensure that you remember whatever you grasped until your break time. And also, breaks should not be that long as it can cause harm to your schedule of studies.

Adhere to the Study Plan

You should try to make your own study plan that suits you the best. Every IAS aspirant may come across this situation where they may get suggestions, advice and tips for UPSC preparation from the best IAS coaching center in Chennai, but don’t get diverted. 

You know yourself you can be better than others, so decide how you can prepare for the UPSC exam in the best way possible. Though it is imperative to be open to new strategies or ideas, it is essential to adhere to your study plan by sticking firmly to it.


Thus, the actual UPSC exam can be quite challenging for you. However, you should always consider joining the best IAS coaching center in Chennai like the Kingmakers IAS Academy to keep several things in mind while preparing for the UPSC exam. Follow the tips for UPSC preparation with a proper time management else there can be no way to achieve success in the exam. Finally, be confident and develop a positive mindset for the UPSC examination and give your best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are dedicated to clear the UPSC exam within 1–1.5 years, following the tips for UPSC preparation with proper time management can be the most crucial aspect of your preparation journey where you have spent about 8–10 hours of self-study. 

Joining the Best IAS coaching institute in Chennai like the Kingmakers IAS Academy can help you strategize your preparation time, which also reflects how competent you will be as an IAS officer, to look into hundreds of things at a time. Considering the UPSC syllabus, if you cannot devote your time to prepare for the UPSC exam, you may face serious difficulties. 

Preparing for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination requires extensive dedication, hard work, and perseverance. One year is a relatively short time frame to prepare for such a competitive and challenging exam, as it covers a vast syllabus and demands a thorough understanding of various subjects.

Preparing for the UPSC exam at home can be challenging as it requires self-discipline, motivation, and strong time management skills. You need to have a clear study plan, allocate sufficient time for each subject, and stay focused on your goal. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep track of your progress and identify areas where you need improvement. Additionally, you can also join online coaching classes.