My Dream. My Destiny.

How KingMakers IAS academy bridged the gap between my dream and my destiny of becoming an IFS

I faced many procedural delays and hurdles in the process and it was during such crucial time when Mr.Boominathan sir stood by me, truly walked the extra mile and played a major role in obtaining for me service in IFS by meeting the Prime Ministerís office and Ministry of External Affairs

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It gives me immense joy and a sense of gratitude to testify how KingMakers IAS Academy had been instrumental in aiding me clear UPSC exam in the very last attempt. I have appeared for UPSC exams 6 times and it is only during my 6th attempt, I came to KingMakers IAS Academy.

I had brainstorming sessions with mentors at the KingMakers IAS Academy who helped me identify areas of weakness. An action plan was devised and Mr.Boominathan arranged for a special Essay Enrichment Program exclusively for me. Also, he made arrangements for helping me with Ethics preparation. This helped me greatly to clear my Mains and move to the last stage of the UPSC exam.

During the Personality Test Program, extensive training was given on Personality Development, stress management including special yoga classes for controlling anxiety and stress from one of India's top Yoga trainers and about 13 mock interviews with currently serving and former bureaucrats before the final interview in Delhi. With this kind of preparation, it was easy for me to go ahead topping all the others in the Personal interview with a score of 206. Thank you KingMakers for the individual attention that was given to me that made it possible to not only clear the exam in my last attempt but to become All India Topper in Personal Interview.

Ms. T.Chitraa IAS

Ms. T.Chitraa IAS AIR 296 - BATCH 2018

If your aspiration is to become an IAS and your choice of an institution that can mentor you throughout this journey is Kingmakers IAS Academy, then you are in safe hands. This academy helps to a great extent in strategizing your study plan, identifying the right books for the different subjects and the right guidance as to what to study and what not to study that will greatly affect how well you are equipped with the concepts that are fundamental to the UPSC Mains exam.

I have to mention here that he was so happy for me, just like a father who would be proud of his son, when the results had come out. I am thankful to Mr.Boominathan sir for the guidance he had provided throughout my journey with KingMakers IAS Academy.

Ms. T.Chitraa IAS

Mr. M. Prathap IAS AIR 21 - BATCH 2017

I had appeared for UPSC exams 6 times out of which I couldn't clear even the Prelims in the first 4 attempts. It was during my 5th attempt that I met Mr.Boominathan sir, the founder of KingMakers IAS Academy. With his guidance, I was able to successfully clear my interview and got into IRAS service in 2014.

Since then sir has been one of my greatest support next to my parents and gurus and helped me during the different stages of my preparation for IAS. I decided to write all my Mains Papers in Tamil. New subjects like Ethics and Integrity were introduced in the UPSC system and there weren't much books/resources in Tamil that I could refer to. It was then sir obtained for me the support of Mr. Prakash IAS, a senior IAS officer in Tamilnadu and a great legend in Ethics subject.

Thanks to Mr.Boominathan sir who made arrangements for all the study materials and resources in Tamil and also made me practice tests in the subject. I was able to score the highest mark in Ethics paper because of my mentors at KingMakers both in 2014 and 2016. KingMakers IAS Academy played a major role in contributing to my success in 2016 IAS exams and I thank the entire team of KingMakers for being instrumental in my success

Ms. T.Chitraa IAS

Mr. Manikandan IAS AIR 332 - BATCH 2016