Water is the primary medium through which we feel the effects of climate change. Water and weather, the delicate balance between evaporation and precipitation, is the primary cycle through which climate change is felt.

Climate change impacts will have direct consequences for water security. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) alerted the global community to the great vulnerability of freshwater resources as a result of climate change.

Impacts on water:

image 36

Steps to mitigate the challenge:

  1. Jal jeevan mission
  2. Jal shakthi abhiyan
  3. Atal Bhujal yojana. All of them should be made sustainable, climate resilient and adaptive.

Source:” IUCN/UNICEF“.

Possible UPSC CSE Mains Question:

Discuss the adverse impacts of climate change on water security. Suggest mitigation measures.