UPSC CSE Mains Syllabus: GS-3- Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment .

Tackling Air pollution – Post COVID

Public perception on air pollution:

Automotive emissions – an area of obvious concern is:

Electric transport:

What the government should do:

Overall, the response to recovering after the pandemic has shown that local, collective action has the power to enforce change. A truly green recovery should allow people to avail the cleanest, most affordable modes of travel, which is where e-mobility and public transit solutions are important. With on-road economics starting to tilt irreversibly in their favour, governments would thus do well to prioritise demand-side funding of new mobility over business-as-usual.

Source:”Hindustan Times”.

Possible UPSC Mains Question:

As India unlocks its economy there is a serious need to consider reducing air pollution. What policy measures are necessary in this regard?