Excellence in education depends on the quality of mentorship; not on the size or location of campuses. To improve, faculties should be made bigger, and recruitment yardsticks should focus on quality and not quantity.

Core functions

The core functions of an engineering school are to: 

Helping the new entrants 

Sadly, at many IITs, including the “crown jewels”, this final project is no longer mandatory. One of the key reasons for this regression is that the student strength has been increased without an accompanying, proportionate increase in faculty strength.

For all these reasons, and because our faculty salaries are lower than the international norms, it makes sense to hire many more faculty members than we do now. 

Recruitment and retention

There are two existing problems with recruiting and retaining faculty members; both are self-made, and both can be solved.

Examples abroad

 In the coming post-COVID-19 future, remoteness that is hand-in-hand with connectedness may even attract start-ups.