In news:

The conflicts between India and China in Ladakh are centered around the Pangong Tso lake, Galwan valley and Demchok , making it a very important aspect of the border dispute between the two countries.

Why the conflict:

The disputed border between the two nations goes right through the middle of the lake, with both nations disputing how much of the lake the other gets.

Pangong lake

Disputed boundaries:

Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a line drawn through Kashmir. It is where the two powers stood when the ceasefire was announced and agreed by China and India following the Sino-Indian War.  

Western sector:

Eastern sector – McMahon Line:

Tactical significance of the lake:

Confrontation on the water:

Road ahead:

Source: ”Indian Express “.

Possible UPSC CSE Mains Question:

Highlight the major border issues between India and China. What kind of measures is effective in resolving such border disputes amicably?