UPSC CSE Mains Syllabus: GS-1- Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues.

In news:

With the centenary of the Mapillah rebellion of 1921 fast approaching, controversy has erupted over Malayalam movie projects commemorating what was arguably the greatest challenge to British rule between the great uprising of 1857 and the Quit India movement of 1942.

Some sections have launched attacks on social media against the upcoming film Variyamkunnan that celebrates the life and exploits of Variyamkunnath Kunhahamed Haji, a leading figure in the Mapillah revolt against British rule.

No single narrative:

British policies:

In 1915, it was found, for instance, that one-fifth of the land revenue in Malabar came from 86 landlords, 84 of whom were Hindus. Muslim Mappilas were often tenants-at-will, easily turned out from the land they tilled, by superiors who, even in the best of times, could charge anywhere from 59-77% of the produce as rent.

Resentment building up for years:

The revolt:

The spark that lit the fire:

Source:” The Hindu / livemint“.


Discuss the causes that led to the Mapillah revolt. Some historians criticise that the movement was steered by religious fervour. Do you agree with this perspective?