UPSC CSE Mains Syllabus: GS-3- Effects of liberalization on the economy, changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrialgrowth.

Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies

 In news:

India’s antitrust body, Competition Commission of India, is looking into allegations that Alphabet Inc’s Google is abusing its market position to unfairly promote its mobile payments app in the country.


The Google antitrust complaint alleges the company is able to leverage its strong position in the Android market to promote the app, the source added.”

 What is the complaint?

Google pay:

India’s antitrust law:

The Commission is also required to give opinion on competition issues on a reference received from a statutory authority established under any law and to undertake competition advocacy, create public awareness and impart training on competition issues.

Emerging challenges:

Why fair market:

Abuse of dominant position:

Such anti-trust regulations prevent large multinational corporations, both domestic and international, from gaining undue advantage in the Indian market, and also seek to protect small enterprises.

Source:” Economic Times“.

Possible UPSC CSE Mains Question

Bring out the necessity of creating a fair market mechanism in light of the growing antitrust cases against Big tech giants.