Consider the following statements with reference to President’s address:

Which of the statements given below are correct?

Answer: (c) 1 and 3 only


Article 87 provides for the special address by the President. Hence statement (1) is correct.

The article provides that at the commencement of the first session after each general election to the House of the People and at the commencement of the first session of each year, the President shall address both Houses of Parliament assembled together and inform Parliament of the causes of its summons.Such an Address is called ‘special address’, and it is also an annual feature. Hence statement (2) is incorrect.

The address of the president, which corresponds to the ‘speech from the Throne in Britain’, is discussed in both the Houses of Parliament on a motion called the ‘Motion of Thanks’.

The Motion of Thanks must be passed in the House. Otherwise, it amounts to the defeat of the government. It is one of the ways through which the Lok Sabha can also express a lack of confidence in the government. Hence statement (3) is correct.

Consider the following statements with respect to Indian Gaur

It is endemic to western ghats

It is vulnerable under IUCN red list

It comes under the Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972

Select the correct answer from the codes given below

Answer: b. 2 and 3 only


Indian Bison or Gaur (Bos gaurus)

Location: Native to South and Southeast Asia(Hence statement 1 is incorrect)

In India, they are found in Nagarhole, Bandipur, Masinagudi National Parks and BR Hills.

Conservation Status:

Vulnerable in IUCN Red List.(Hence statement 2 is correct)

Included in the Schedule I of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.(Hence statement 3 is correct)

Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the Union Public Service Commission?

Answer: (a)


Every year, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) submits a report of its work to the President of India. The President presents the report of the commission before the parliament along with a memo with regard to the cases where the advice of the commission was not accepted and the reasons for non-acceptance. Hence option (a) is correct.

The member can be removed from the office by the President of India on the grounds as well as procedure is given in Article 317 in the Constitution of India.

Each member holds office for a term of 6 years or until he attains the age of 65 years.

Consider the following statements with respect to Asian Elephant

It present in all the countries in Asian continent

It is under endangered list in IUCN Red List

Kerala has the largest Elephant population in India

Select the correct answer from the codes given below

Answer d. 2 only


Asian Elephants: There are three subspecies of Asian elephant which are the Indian, Sumatran and Sri Lankan.(Hence statement 1 is incorrect)

Global Population: Estimated 20,000 to 40,000.

The Indian subspecies has the widest range and accounts for the majority of the remaining elephants on the continent.

There are around 28,000 elephants in India with around 25% of them in Karnataka.(Hence statement 3 is incorrect)

IUCN Red List Status: Endangered.(Hence statement 2 is correct)

Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972: Schedule I.

State Election Commission had been created under the

Answer:(a) The Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992


The Constitution of India vests in the State Election Commission, consisting of a State Election Commissioner, the superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of electoral rolls for, and the conduct of all elections to the Panchayats and the Municipalities (Articles 243K, 243ZA). This article was included under the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992 in the Eleventh schedule of Indian constitution. Hence option (a) is correct.

Which of the article has provisions for NGOs in India

Article 19(1)(c)

Article 19(1)(d)

Article 43

Select the correct code from the following codes

Answer c. 1 and 3 only


Constitutional Provisions for NGOs in India

Article 19(1)(c) on the right to form associations;(Hence statement 1 is correct)

Article 43 which highlights the State’s having an endeavor to promote cooperatives in rural areas;(Hence statement 3 is correct)

Consider the following statements :

India spends around 4% GDP for Health care.

About 65% of deaths in India are caused by non-communicable diseases.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Answer b) 2 only


India has one-of-the highest level of Out-Of-Pocket Expenditures (OOPE) contributing directly to the high incidence of catastrophic expenditures and poverty, notes the Economic Survey.

It suggested an increase in public spending from 1% to 2.5-3% of GDP — as envisaged in the National Health Policy 2017 — can decrease the OOPE from 65% to 30% of overall healthcare spend. Hence statement 1 is incorrect.

The Survey states about 65% of deaths in India are now caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs) with ischemic heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and stroke being the leading causes. Hence statement 2 is correct.

The Survey observes that the health of a nation depends critically on its citizens having access to an equitable, affordable and accountable healthcare system. The OOPE, as a share of total health expenditure, drops precipitously when public health expenditure increases.

The Survey also underlines that OOPE for health increases the risk of vulnerable groups slipping into poverty because of catastrophic health expenditures. The life expectancy in a country correlates positively with per capita public health expenditure, it notes.

Consider the following statement with respect to Gig economy

Gig works consist of traditional activities within the long-term employer-employee relationships.

Code on Social Security introduces basic rights and social security rights to Gig in India.

Which of the above statements is correct?

Answer b) 2 only


Non-traditional or gig work consists of income-earning activities outside of traditional, long-term employer-employee relationships. Hence statement 1 is incorrect.

The lockdown gave a boost to the gig economy, while it had an “inevitable impact on the vulnerable and informal sector,” the Economic Survey for 2020-21 noted.

“During the period of COVID-19 induced lockdown, the increasing role of the gig economy was evident with significant growth of online retail business,” it stated.

Gig or platform workers had lacked basic rights and social security till the recent Code on Social Security was introducedHence statement 2 is correct.

“COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerability of urban casual workers, who account for 11.2% of urban workforce (All-India) as per PLFS, January-March, 2020, a significant proportion of them are supposed to be migrants who were impacted by the lockdown,” the survey noted.

“In order to incentivise more women to join the labour force, investment in institutional support to affordable and quality child care facilities, paid paternal leave, family-friendly work environment, and support for elderly care needs to be made” besides promoting non-discriminatory norms.

Consider the following statements :

India is the third largest economy in the World.

India received the highest rung of investment grade – AAA in sovereign credit ratings.

Which of the above statements is correct?

Answer d) Neither 1 nor 2


India’s sovereign credit ratings do not reflect the economy’s fundamentals, Chief Economic Adviser Krishnamurthy Subramanian said on Friday, while pitching for sovereign credit ratings methodology to be made more transparent and less subjective.

Never in the history of sovereign credit ratings has the fifth-largest economy in the world been rated as the lowest rung of the investment grade (BBB-/Baa3). Reflecting the economic size and thereby the ability to repay debt, the fifth-largest economy has been predominantly rated AAA. China and India are the only exceptions to this rule,” the CEA said. Hence both the statements are incorrect.

The Economic Survey, tabled in Parliament on Friday, added that while sovereign credit ratings do not reflect the Indian economy’s fundamentals, “noisy, opaque and biased credit ratings” damage FPI flows.

“Sovereign credit ratings methodology must be amended to reflect economies’ ability and willingness to pay their debt obligations by becoming more transparent and less subjective

When reference to carbon nanotubes, consider the following statements:

They can be used as carriers of drugs and antigens in the human body.

They can be made into artificial blood capillaries for an injured part of the human body.

They can be used in biochemical sensors.

Carbon nanotubes are biodegradable.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Answer d) 1,2,3 and 4