SYLLABUS: GS – 3- Effects of liberalization on the economy, changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrial growth. 

Budgetary measures –Industrial sector

The finance minister tabled her second full Budget amidst unprecedented challenges posed by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). 

Government’s calibrated approach in tackling the supply and demand-side disruption during the pandemic, coupled with the mega vaccination drive that started last month, is expected to invigorate a V-shaped economic recovery–placing hopes on buoyancy with an ambitious GDP growth rate at 11% for FY22.

Budgetary measures:


Other measures:


Certainty in the tax environment:

With the Budget aimed at a balanced allocation of funds, interlaced with growth infusion through fiscal and non-fiscal policy announcements, the FM has managed to walk the talk of continuing on the reformist road to economic recovery and provide a holistic approach paving the path for a $5-trillion economy.

Source:” Financial Express ”.


Discuss the budgetary measures announced to revive the Indian Industrial sector.