Breakdown of the Rs 20 lakh crore package under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Third fourth and fifth Tranches).

May 15, 2020: Finance Minister announces Tranche 3 of Atmanirbhar package:

Size of the package: Rs 1.5 lakh crore (0.75% of GDP)

Of which:

Fiscal Cost to the Central Govt: Rs 30,000 crore (0.15% of GDP)

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana: Ministry of food Processing Industries.

Two components namely,

1. Central Sector Scheme (CS).

2. Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) . This is further divided in to Non-beneficiary oriented and Beneficiary orientated sub¬components/activities under the following three broad heads:


National Beekeeping Honey Mission:

Operation Green:

Essential Commodities Act:

If the central government is of opinion that it is necessary for maintaining or increasing supplies of any essential commodity, securing their equitable distribution and availability at fair prices or securing any essential commodity for the defence of India, it may provide for regulating or prohibiting the production, storage, supply and distribution and trade and commerce therein.

Products like pulses and edible oils, drugs, fertilisers, and petroleum and petroleum products etc.

May 16, 2020: Finance Minister announces Tranche 4 of Atmanirbhar package.

Size of the package: Rs 8,100 crore (0.04% of GDP)

Fiscal Cost to the Central Govt: Rs 8,100 crore Viability Gap Funding (0.04% of GDP).

May 17, 2020: Finance Minister announces Tranche 5 of Atmanirbhar package.


Source:” Indian Express“.

Possible UPSC CSE Mains Question:

Atmanirbhar abhiyan is the perfect package to uplift the Indian economy. Discuss.