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Essay Paper is one of the descriptive papers of the Civil service Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public service commission. The paper requires the candidates to pick two topics and write a detailed essay on each within a duration of 3 hours. Each topic can be picked out of a pool of two categories with 4 topics in each category. The topics must be answered with a 1200 word limit and are evaluated out of a total of 250 marks. The preparation for Essay paper cannot be overlooked due to its deceptively generic nature as it requires the candidate to have deeper understanding of the overall syllabus of the civil services exam as well the nature of the current developments around us to formulate the right balanced opinion which is expected of the candidates by the UPSC. Another important reason for dedicating time to this paper is to inculcate a habit of presenting your views in a creative manner citing historical events and various perspectives while staying true to the topic in question. The opinion can also be driven home by approaching them objectively by quoting facts on various issues and their cost benefit analysis techniques.

The Essay writing course at Kingmakers IAS Academy nurtures the candidates to interpret topics and compliments them with the right content and writing skill to formulate the perfect Essays with guidance from various experts in our faculty.

Yes the Essay writing classes are available online

The classes are scheduled on a regular basis over a period on one month.

We at kingmakers IAS academy come up with a list significant Essay topics regularly in regard to the current developments in the world and our society which can help the aspirants formulate right opinions on every relevant topic.

The aspirants can improve their skills by writing essays on the Kingmakers Academy suggested topics of importance and getting them evaluated regularly by our seasoned faculty members.

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Price: 3000/-

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Duration: 1 Months

Class: Offline / Online

Minimum Age Limit: 21

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