Mains – GS 1

The mains Examination of Civil services Examination as conducted by UPSC consist of nine papers of which General studies paper-I is one of the four general studies paper. The paper’s syllabus consists of topics from subjects such as History, Art and culture, geography and India Society. The paper consists of 20 compulsory questions which are to be answered and evaluated out of 250 marks written within a 3 hour time limit. The aspirants must gain mastery over the topics of the syllabus and the current affairs related to the corresponding static subject to answer direct questions as well questions targeted at questioning your conceptual grasp on the subjects.

Subjects in the paper:

  • Art & culture – Classical dances, Temple Architecture, themes of ancient history, literature, music and musical instruments.
  • Modern history of India – Social &religious reform movements, contribution of important personalities and the four important independence movements/agitations.
  • India after independence & various political philosophies
  • World history – revolutions of the world, World wars I & II, current affairs of international importance.
  • Society of India – Diversity in India, Women Empowerment & Issues in India Society.
  • Geography – cyclones, earthquakes & hurricanes, Location of industries, water bodies, climate change, natural resources.

Kingmakers IAS academy offers the aspirants this GS-I focused module where the syllabus of the paper is approached on a holistic basis over a period of one month. This is targeted for students preparing for their main examination on mission based approach.

Yes the Mains GS-I are available online via lectures from our academy’s expert faculty.

The classes are scheduled on a regular weekly basis over a period of one month.

Yes the aspirants will have access to exclusive learning material for every subject in the Mains GS-I paper prepared by academics from the pertaining fields with a mains exam perspective.

The aspirants can reach out to our expert faculty members for the subjects in GS-I for any clarifications or evaluations to improve your answer writing skills in the subjects.

Yes the aspirants can subscribe to our GS mains Test series to evaluate themselves in all 4 GS papers in the mains examination.

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Price: 3000/-

(Incl GST)

Duration: 1 Months

Class: Online

Minimum Age Limit: 21

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